There are several preparations you should take prior to coming in for a sugaring session, whether it's your first or fiftieth time. For the best results, start exfoliating the desired area of hair removal the week before your appointment to help remove dead skin. Otherwise, on the day of your appointment, you're going to want to shower, lightly exfoliate, and cleanse your skin of any possible surface oils and/or lotions. First time visitors should allow all hair cycles to be 1/8" long in order to be removed via sugaring.

We also advise that you come to your session wearing comfortable clothing that is loose-fitting and light-colored. Loose-fitting clothing is important because it is crucial to not provide any direct pressure to the skin after sugaring. It also makes it much easier for your sugarist to work around clothing, which you may choose to keep on. Light-colored clothing is recommended because the dyes in dark clothing can (on rare occasion) seep into the hair follicles that are opened during hair removal. For clients getting Bikini and Brazilian sugaring, we advise wearing plain white underwear for the following 24 hours, and not wearing pantyhose (thigh-highs are fine if your thighs were not sugared).

For your comfort, you may opt to take ibuprofen about 30 minutes prior to arrival; while sugaring does not hurt like waxing, there is a little sting. Ideally, clients should have little or no caffeine in their systems as caffeine heightens sensitivity. Waxing during your menstrual cycle is also not recommended. During your cycle, your body is more sensitive due to hormonal changes, thus causing the treatment to be more painful than necessary. On your follow-up visit, please allow 4-6 weeks of hair growth to maintain perfectly smooth skin.