Now that your hair has been removed and your skin has been gently exfoliated, please allow 7 to 10 days to pass until gently exfoliating with our Liquid Luffa PFB Body Scrub. This scrub contains glycolic acid and papaya fruit extract and only needs to be massaged onto the skin for 30 seconds. This miracle scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells on the face/body and prevent ingrown hairs.

During the recovery period, avoid hot showers, tubs, swimming pools, the gym, and prolonged sun exposure for 2 days following treatment. We also recommend refraining from applying makeup and/or deodorant to recently sugared areas for 12 hours following treatment. Because the pores of the skin are more open, there is a greater chance of bacterial infection (salt water pools and tubs are okay). Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours, or even a day or so in some cases. If this should happen, do not be alarmed. This is merely an indication that the hairs have been removed from the follicle and it is quite normal after a treatment, as they will soon disappear.

Many people are subject to in-grown hairs due to the hair being out of the follicle for weeks, thus giving the dead skin cells a chance to form over at the mouth of the follicle, causing the hair to grow under the skin when it reappears. To prevent this from happening, you should soak three times per week in lukewarm water with a 1/2 cup of dead sea salts for roughly 10 minutes. Exfoliate for a few more minutes. and be sure to re-hydrate your skin afterwards with body lotion. For further assistance, ask your sugarist for suggestions to suit your personal requirements.